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Description: When Jace Madden sees the sexy lace underwear his stepdaddy, Johnny Ford, is wearing, he is super turned on. The old man shoves his cock in the boy’s mouth and plows his tight hole before hitting the town with his old lady!

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-Uncle Greg Holds Down The Fort Ch 1: My Favorite Uncle (Greg McKeon, Dakota Lovell)-,-Sweet Dakota Lovell’s stepdad Greg McKeon loves to teach the boy fun tricks he can do to impress his friends. Today, he teaches the boy how to suck cock and take a thick cock in his tight asshole for the first time!-
-Country Daddy Ch 5: Bring Your Son To Work Day (Dylan Hayes, Jack Dixon)-,-Bring Your Child To Work Day is in full swing, and little Dylan Hayes is having the time of his life! Things only get more exciting when he crawls on the floor to suck his super hung stepdad, Jack Dixon’s, giant cock…-
-Kinky Step Dad Ch 1: Easter Egg Hunt (Jace Madden, Johnny Ford)-,-To surprise his stepson on Easter, little Jace Madden’s stepdad, Johnny Ford, dresses up as the Easter Bunny and slides a cock massaging toy over the boy’s throbbing dick. He slurps the boy’s rod and dips his raw dick into the kid’s ass for some hot Easter anal!-
-A Father’s Love Ch 4: Tickle Torture (Josh Cannon, Myles Landon)-,-Cute Josh Cannon has been smoking too much pot, and his muscular stepdaddy, Myles Landon, is not happy about it. To punish the boy, he licks his feet lasciviously and penetrates the kid’s delicious asshole until they reach a gooey climax!-
-Country Daddy Ch 4: One For The Neighbors (Jake Dixon, Dylan Hayes)-,-Daring Dylan wants to have sex with his super hung stepdaddy, Jack Dixon, right in the middle of the trailer park! The old man fulfills his desires, slamming his tight asshole raw and making the kid cum all over the ground.-
-A Father’s Love Ch 2: The Hole Story (Myles Landon, Josh Cannon)-,-When seductive Josh Cannon’s stepdad, Myles Landon, catches him fingering his own asshole in the shower, sparks fly. The old man joins him in the shower, plows his puckering asshole, and covers his rim in jizz!-
-Country Daddy Ch 2: Locker Room Spy (Jake Dixon, Dylan Hayes)-,-Sexy Dylan Hayes loves working out with his tatted up stepdaddy Jack Dixon, and today he can’t help but sneak a peek at the big guy’s cock in the bathroom. The old man rewards the boy by shoving his dick down his throat and then fucking his butthole to a body-shaking orgasm!-
-What a Boy Wants Ch 3: My Secret Valentine (Skylar Hill, Kristofer Weston)-,-In this special Valentine’s Day episode, cute Skylar Hill agrees to be his stepdad, Kristofer Weston’s, secret Valentine. He shares a passionate tongue kiss with the old man before bouncing on his girthy shaft and shooting cum all over himself.-
-The Boy Next Door Ch 2: Sneaking In The Backdoor ( Ryan Evans, Jesse Zeppelin)-,-When cute Ryan Evans gets caught jerking off to a photo of his dad by his pervy neighbor, Jesse Zeppelin, assures him that his attraction to older men is totally normal. The boy bends over and enjoys a raw anal pounding, stroking his cock until he shoots a load of jizz on the photo of his old man!- -
Daddy Lessons Ch 2: A Very Special Gift From Dad (Donnie Argento, Mason Dean, Taylor Reign)-,-It’s a very special Holiday scene from Family Dick this week! When little Taylor Reign is gifted a sexy jockstrap by his loving stepdad, Donnie Argento, he shows it off to his old man and his older stepbrother, Mason Dean, beside the Christmas tree! To show his old man how much he appreciates it, he bends over and lets him slam his asshole raw while he sucks his older stepbrother’s boner.- -Parole Dad Ch 4: Pissed Off (Logan Stevens, Lukas Stone)-,-When rebellious Lukas Stone pisses in the backyard, his ex-con stepdad teaches him a lesson the hard way. He whips out his stiff dick and drills the boy’s young asshole raw before shooting a load of sticky nut!-

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